We’re here to lend a little light.

To provide a spark. To keep it real, to keep it simple – while still maintaining our character and our uniqueness. We express ourselves through our cheeky and understated spirit. Our personality is loud without being in your face; simple, yet bold. Our candles light up your spaces and infuse your most memorable moments. We’re the background music; soft but present. Not too loud yet not too quiet. 

We’re a reliable companion during your most vulnerable and lonely of times. A steady light reminding you that darkness is only temporary. We’re the centerpiece at your social gatherings, in the middle of a table that your friends and family gather ‘round during times of celebration. We’re the gift you received, the gift you gave, and the gift you bought for yourself. We’re the reason you took pause today, to stop and to light it up. 

We’re LUME candles from Colorado and we’re happy to be here.



Erica made her way out to Aspen, Colorado in 2018 after taking a 6 year pit stop in Washington, D.C.

Looking for a drastic lifestyle change, she settled into the mountains with her pup, Koa and has been in awe with the surrounding beauty ever since.

When Erica isn’t making candles you can find her outside biking or skiing, teaching classes at Cyclebar, and spending time with her brothers.



As CFO, Koa has a very important job and responsibility here at LUME.

Gifted with a heightened sense of smell we thought Koa would be the man for the job. Koa is a master of fragrance, a true chief of smells, and the snout behind all of your favorite scents.

Whether he’s sniffing for new fragrance inspiration in the great outdoors, or extracting oils in the kitchen while wearing his “lab coat”, Koa is dedicated, loyal and the goodest of all boys.