A good 'ol family bet...

LUME was born from a good ‘ol family bet during the lockdown days of quarantine in 2020. Erica and Koa were living in Aspen, and like others Erica was feeling bored with all of the extra time she had on her hands. “I looked around my apartment and tried to come up with ways to entertain myself. I saw my empty candle jars and that’s when I ordered a bunch of wax and decided to learn how to make candles.”

After a few weeks, Erica figured out how to pour candles and mix fragrances and she started sharing them with her quarantine pod – her two brothers who also lived in town. Well, they shared them with their girlfriends, who shared them with their friends, and you get the idea. 

After a few weeks of candle making the siblings met up for a family dinner, and as family dinners with brothers usually go, the conversation quickly descended into sarcastic insults and loving jabs. 

At this point the brothers teamed up and challenged Erica, 


In a flash and full of liquid courage, Erica replied, 


A few days later LUME was given its name, a website and an online store. There were over 28 orders in the first 12 hours and Erica had successfully won the family bet.

Erica is still proving her brothers wrong today, LUME is still in business, and proof that a good ‘ol family bet can never be taken too far.